100% Renewable 

All in for Decatur 100: grassroots group advocating for Decatur to get to 100% clean energy

Participate by helping move forward the Decatur Clean Energy Plan: https://cleanenergydecatur.com

Give your feedback to the Public Service Commission for the upcoming Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that happens every three years (next one voted on in 2026) to chart what Georgia Power will do for the next 20 years: https://psc.ga.gov/contact-the-gpsc/ It is never too early to give commissioners your feedback on what you'd like to see. Dockets 44160 and 44161 have already been voted on for the public comment of 2023, but there is still more to do.

Not sure what you would say to the Public Service Commission? Hear what other Decatur residents had to say at the public town hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNFJFcA_mnw

Among others, see Decatur residents Dr. Preeti Jaggi at 1:12:50, Lisa Coronado at 1:23:14, Gary Garrett at 1:39:13, Michael Black at 2:47:17, and Kaveh Kamooneh (owner of Better Tomorrow Solar) at 4:22:08. See the chair of the Public Service Commission tell Lisa she should go advocate in China and India instead! 

More on the IRP:

Unboxing Georgia Power's 2022 Integrated Resource Plan



https://www.decatur100.com/home     Sign the 100% Decatur Clean Energy Petition.

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