Bike Power Challenge

We had planned to host a homemade bike generator power production challenge in 2020 for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. If there's enough interest, we might bring that competition back. 

The basic gist:

Teams will have head mechanics, engineers, builders, and racers and build bike power generators to compete in the challenge. They'll bring their generators to Power Zone and set up their tent, just like a bike race. There will be entertaining judges to ensure everyone abides by the rules,  power production metering, and then 2-3 minute race offs with winners advancing to the finals. Teams should come with their most creative and awesomely ridiculous outfits - think Captain Planet, Napoleon Dynamite or a Gaia / Zorro Love Child.... cranking at 600 watts per second, their capes flying in the wind from the fan they are powering as beads of sweat drip from under their green power superhero masks, as they slide into oxygen debt and burn with lactic acid for creative human potential,  energy sovereignty, and a new local energy future.  

The team with the most power produced will be crowned the City Power Champions. There will also be an award for Best Team Theme. We will have a hilarious MC, 12 and under division, 13-18, college divisions, and a Open division. One lucky sponsor will have this activity all to themselves. We will drive media to check in on the teams as pre-event stories.

After the race, people can try the different bikes as the Power Zone transforms into an interactive engagement zone. We will setup charging stations maybe even some blenders so they can blend adult and young folk drinks - teams will have fun talking about their designs.    

If you are interested in having a team, email Please include "bike challenge" in the email subject line.

Resources to inspire and help you to win City Power Glory: